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How is Sales Academy for Entrepreneurs different from other trainings?

PTA Sales Academy for Entrepreneurs is a unique business training where you and your business coach work together to define the direction your work is taking. In this program you will understand what are the mistakes you have been making, why aren't clients answering your emails, how can you strategise your next moves and how to monetize your ideas. This is not just a training where you sit and listen, but an active hands-on business relationship between a coach and entrepreneur. 

In the six weeks (three per module) you will spend with your business coach, you will be guided through the steps of building a successful company from scratch. Each LIVE coaching session is designed to cover specific material that can be applied to your ideas. The point of the training is to develop a relationship between you and your business coach where she is personally involved in the planning of your success. This is a training where you are expected to be active, to ask questions, to do the work that is expected of you. In return, your business coach will help you build a strategy that can gain you more clients, working contracts and revenue. What makes this training different is the personal attention to each entrepreneur. You will be part of a small class, but you will feel that you have a helping hand in planning and strategizing your growth. 


The "Boost" The Growth Training Model

Learn the tools, techniques that will help you to boost the growth in your business.

Discover your business, opportunities, options, strategy and target.

Business: Clearly identify your business and the coverage plan.


Opportunities: During the opportunity session will clearly define the top 10 opportunities to grow your business and services.


Options: We will define the options through the options session.


Strategy: You will define your business strategy clearly while learning the techniques and the tools for success.


Techniques: We will learn how to implement the business development and sales strategy with useful tracking tools and the techniques.

Prague Training Academy

PTA bring their expertise in service management, training, consultancy, leadership and sales management that we have gained over the past 15 years in various industries to every single project we work on. English is the unifying language of their trainings and workshops.

The training will be delivered by Ebru Sznapkova who is managing partner and co-founder at Prague Training Academy. She is a transformation coach, trainer and consultant. During her senior leadership experience at leading corporations, she established highly performing international teams, organization departments covering EMEA region, grew professionals into next level leadership roles. Since 2013 she is delivering training under academy. Some of the well-known academy big player clients are Oracle, eBay, Cisco, IKEA. The Prague Training Academy is part of International School of Coaching London, Marbella, Prague and delivering Accredited Professional Coach training and Certification in Prague. 

Learn more about Prague Training Academy here.


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